Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update on Mom

So, Friday's appt went great.  She didn't need anything and she was released back to work for 4 hours a day and started back Monday. She was happy and excited but very overwhelming for her.  We have redone everything since she's been gone for the past 11 months.  Started a new system, etc.  She basically has to start from scratch.  I told her the excitement would soon wear off.  And today I think it did.  They took her in the office and said they were taking her group leader position away.  They are letting the acting group leader keep it because she's been doing good since Mom's been off.  Their not saying she couldn't get it back in a year or so when she's retrained. She was kind of devastated.  Anyone that knows my Mom knows although she would never admit it, work is her life.  Up until she got sick she had NEVER missed a day, EVER, not one in 16 years of being there.  And this is the thanks she gets? Sorry. Guess to bad for you if you get Leukemia and have to take time off to get healthy. To bad for you.  Not to mention the acting group leader is another lady in the stockroom that we eat lunch with and she's friends with.

They did sort of the same thing to me after I got back from maternity leave.  Turned my world upside down.  And my once "friend" that had done it while I was gone, is still the group leader a year later and I got moved out.  So upsetting the lack of care, crappy morale or just plain feelings of people going through stuff!  She's been back for 2 days, give her a break!! So, she's very upset.  It's like everyone just moved on without her.  One of the girls even basically ignores her.  (She's something else!! Grr)  Just wanted to let people know she went back to work which is good in ways, but bad in others.  Pray for her please! (And for me to keep my big mouth shut! Especially when I feel like people are treating my Mom badly!) Thanks!!

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