Sunday, July 28, 2013

Kaylynn's Birthday Bash!

Saturday we finally had Kaylynn's 2nd birthday party.  Strawberry Shortcake themed.  I made all the cupcakes and home made soft icing and home made strawberry shortcake with strawberries.  We had party pizza's from Weis and ice cream.  It was a lot of fun!  We didn't have time to take to many pictures as we had approx. a total of 30 people and 9 were kids.  They got to have some fun outside in the playhouse, sandbox, pool and water table.  Of course no birthday party would be complete with out a thunderstorm!! It poured! But it would clear up a bit in between the rain showers for them to play and have fun.  She got clothes, Barbie's  doll baby's, sandbox, sand toy's, wheelbarrow with a rake and shovel, etc, a little plastic mini wagon.  She loves everything she doesn't know what to play with first.  All in all we all had a good time.  The kids got David completely soaked from head to toe. Ha!
We probably could have done without the 8 million flies though.  Ugh. So. Many. Flies. They are so annoying!!  Literally I bet there were hundreds that would not go away! Joys of living by a full heifer barn I guess. 
 Couldn't even wait until it was together.

 Daddy wrote a message in the sand. (Sandbox was from my 2 sisters)

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