Sunday, August 26, 2012

Poor Baby

Well, my poor little lady is sick again!!  She just ended her ear infection antibiotic Thurs, and here we are Sunday and she's sick.  Fever, not eating, not sleeping, messing with her ears.  Well, we decided instead of waiting til after work tomorrow to take her to the Doc we took her to Med Express. (I called ahead to see who was on call and luckily it was my old Doctor!! YEA!!) Well, she screamed so hard and so loud I thought she was going to pass out.  She is terrified the second we walk in the door.  Anyway, ears look good.  He did a strep culture which came back negative.  He said it's viral.  I asked about the fever because she is cutting her molars, but he said not at 102 from teeth.  There has been alot of kids in and they have the same thing.  Can't do anything but push the fluids and ibuprofen.  He looked and said she also has an ulcer at the back of her throat too.  She is contagious until her fever breaks.  Poor kid!! And I think she gave it to my nephew Julian that's 6 months old, as he has the same thing and is on his way to Med Express too.  My sister thinks ear infection, but I bet it'll be the viral thing.  Not sure who gave it to who. He's never been sick before, so my sister is having a hard time with it too.

We go back to the ear specialist Sept 11th and it can't come fast enough. I am insisting they do tubes.  She has had a double ear infection and a single within a month again.  My poor baby can't catch a break!!  I am thankful she doesn't have something worse or life threatening, but it's just always something.  :(  David is staying with her tomorrow, because I am out of vacation time.  Please send prayers their way! 

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