Monday, August 6, 2012

Kaylynn's 1 Year Photoshoot

A few weeks ago we FINALLY had Kaylynn's pictures taken.  They turned out pretty good although I thought we were going to do inside studio pics first and that didn't happen when we got there. Guess I should've spoke up.  Nonetheless, she did fairly well considering it was hot, humid, close to her bedtime and we did about 5 outfit changes. I somehow found these ladies on facebook.  Reminisce Photography. It's a Mother/daughter team. We went to their home in Turbotville. The Mom sets up and the daughter takes the pics.  They were very nice, and after becoming "friends" with them on FB, turns out they know a few people we know.  I would recommend them. A decent one time price, then they edit the CD and you get the CD and the copyrights so you can do what you please with them! Not a bad deal! Here they are! (Family will have to let me know which ones they want and what sizes and I will work on getting them)

This is a custom tutu dress by Gigi La' Bean a local gal who I get all her hair accessories from. She makes all sorts of things! I just LOVE this tutu dress, BUT it was the end of the shoot, it was hot and she was over it by this time, so not to many great ones in this outfit. I will have to try this outfit again. Still adorable!!

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