Saturday, June 5, 2010

Starting to Landscape

David has been pain stakingly trying to get all these shrubs planted. It is alot of hard work. He had to dig up all the sod first, which is half the battle. But little by little it's getting there. It will look really nice once it's done! It already has added alot. Here are a few shots of what we have done so far. Before mulch.
After we put black mulch down.
Looks nice!!
Planted 3 Oriental Spruce on the bank.
Along the garage.

Finally got all the sod dug up on this side.
Tried to place where we want things to go.
It's getting there!

My flowers. They look even better now from when I took these a week ago.
Picked this wooden thing up at a craft show last fall. I really like how it turned out!!
I tried something different this year with my baskets. Again, they look much better now!! But I did Pink Verbenas(I think that's what it was called) , Waterfall, Vinca vine, and small purple wave petunia's.
Other end of my porch.

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