Saturday, June 19, 2010

Prayer Request

I am asking for prayer for my friends Steph and Chris Hecknauer. She is a friend that goes way back! ;) Well, a few years ago after her and Chris got married a few months in they found out he had cancer, and it was on his face, under his eye. And due to the fact they had to take out cheekbone, (amongst teeth and other things) his eye is left somewhat unsupported. That's why he wears the eye patch. Very scary stuff. He had surgery to remove it and other treatments and seemed to be doing well up until a little while ago. Steph's Mom sent me a message last night to ask me to remember them in our prayers because Chris now has an inoperable mass that has attached to his pancreas, stomach, upper intestines, and numerous blood vessels. He's to start radiation shortly. They have had a very rough last 2 weeks. If you could remember them in your prayers to that would be awesome!! Thank you!!

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