Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hello Strangers!

Well, I know it's been a long time since our last post! These pictures are of our plot of ground. This is the current state that it's in. The barn is finally down, now this needs to go. They work at it, not as fast as we would like, but they are working on it. Our closing on the land is in Feb. then it will be all legal and official. Scary and excited all at the same time!
We are currently still trying to find a contractor. We couldn't find one that would "sign off" on us to do allot of the work ourselves, so we are getting quotes from a few contractors for them to do it all. Some did say David could do the electrical and we could do a few things, so it may save us a little money. Just frustrating and we are just getting started. We feel like we need a vacation already!! We had our initial blueprints drawn up, so that was neat to see exactly how it will look. We had our friend Erin recommend someone she works with to draw them up. We were grateful for that , that saved us a bundle!!
We are having lots of car troubles this week! My keys won't come out of the ignition, so I have to manually override it to get them out. I get to stick my finger up underneath the steering column and pull a lever!! Works for now!! =] Then David calls me tonight and asked me to come pick him up from work his car wouldn't start. So off I went! I called the tow truck. Well, it got it to start so, I cancelled the tow truck! We met at the garage. I could smell burning. The mechanic came out and tryed to start it, wouldn't. When it did the smoke just rolled out of the exhaust!! Well goody. He said that it's probably the head gasket!! Ahhhh... no!! So another garage bill. In the meantime he'll be driving the beast. The old truck! And mine still needs inspected!! LOL!!! It's always something!! Keeps us very busy!!
Speaking of busy, besides the car trouble, trying to find a contractor, blueprints, bank stuff, lawyer stuff, keeping up with everything, they made me temporary group leader at work so I'm REALLY stressed !! I'm gettin' tired! David too! Seems as though we can't keep up! Plus we both have been working overtime!
GREAT NEWS!! David FINALLY went to see a doctor. He wants to quit smoking!! Yeah!! He will be trying a prescription, Chantix. It has a 44% success rate. We are hopeful. He hasn't been to the doctor since we've been together! That's been over eight years! Wow!! So, pray that God gives him the strength to beat this!!
Well, hope to be off to see Aunt Faith and Uncle John and Joel and April, Jayna and Kaylee this weekend. We will be staying with Joel and April Sat. night to be there for Kaylee's 1st birthday! We haven't had a chance to see them in quite some time so we are looking forward to it!!
Until next time!! =]

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