Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So Little Time...

Quicky Update!!
It's been awhile since I've updated.  Been so busy I have hardly had a minute to even sit down. I am having trouble uploading pics so I will have to try again sometime soon.  On Feb. 26th Kaylynn ended up having surgery which required an overnight hospital stay.  She had her old tubes in her ears removed and new ones put in.  The fluid behind her one ear was not infected.  Then came the removal of her tonsils and adenoids.  Both also were quite large.  Recovery was tough for about a day then she was back to herself.  I am def not sorry she got it done. I think she has ate nonstop since the surgery.  In fact she has gained 2+ lbs since that!

David has been working out of town Mon through Thurs every week 2 hours away.  Hopefully that will be done by June. 

I'm starting to work a lot of overtime again.  Money helps, but by the time I get to Fri, I will have worked 26 days straight without a day off.  So, tired is an understatement.  Plus being home without David for 3 days a week, it's tough. 

Get back to update and add pics sometime soon!!

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