Saturday, August 17, 2013


The last post saying we had the flu may have been an understatement.  After lots of Doc appts., hospital ER trips, lots of prescriptions, and tests we think we finally figured out what is happening.  We are not out of the woods yet either.  After I took in a lovely stool sample they discovered I had a parasite. Got a special order script for it. All the while we just still couldn't seem to snap out of it, especially Kaylynn.  Now, on top of this illness she's been having troubles for over 2 months.  They also had said she had another UTI.  So, after I yet again this past Wednesday had to go to the ER due to kidney stones and fluid around my kidneys we made appts that same day for her and I with our family Doc.  FINALLY they listened and ordered stool tests to be done on David and Kaylynn.  David still has to do his, but Kaylynn's came pack positive for parasite (C. Parvum) Whatever that means.  And for a bacterial infection of CDIFF.  VERY CONTAGIOUS!!  As I am learning it comes from taking to many antibiotics and it lets the bad bacteria take over and basically lets toxins take over your colon, gastrointestinal area, intestines, etc.  So her feces are contagious! So we have to be so careful!!  So now we are all using antibacterial soap to not only wash hands, but to bath and shower with.  They told me when she has a bowl movement to use antibacterial soap and water to clean her.  Wipe everything.  Clean, clean, clean!!  We started antibiotics for the CDIFF Friday night.  We are to give it every 6 hours for 7 days.  So now they are not convinced that it is UTI at all, so yet more urine needs collected and dropped off Monday.  Tues is a follow up Doc appt.  Wednesday she see's a PEDS nephrologist.  I feel like even today I see a difference in her.  Praying it works. Praying she is getting relief and better.  Praying she can get back to herself!!

Without going into ever last detail, although the Doc's where we go are nice, they are soooooo busy I feel like they don't listen to me.  I am not crazy!!  I even went as far as video recording diaper changes and bath time to show them exactly what she does! If they would have initially did a few simple tests to start with maybe she wouldn't have been this sick.  I plan on telling them that Tues. too.  I feel like they failed us.  They failed Kaylynn.   And lesson learned that I will demand things like that be done next time. (hopefully there won't need to be a next time)  So, please continue to keep us in your prayers.  It's been a very challenging few weeks here.  Sick, missing work, boo-koo money being spent on co-pays-scripts-ER visits, etc, not getting paid due to missing work, lost my profit sharing check due to missing work, just extremely hard but had/has to be done.  She has got to get better!!!

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