Friday, November 9, 2012

Minnie Mouse

These next few posts will kind of be out of order because of not having much time to get them done. But Kaylynn dressed up as Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  David's cousin, Andrea Detweiler sent this up to us from Maryland!!  It was so cute on her!

This way Momma!
AS you can see, MOST of the time she uses her left hand.  Which my Mom has now started calling her Southpaw.  I have never heard o lefties being called this!
So funny!
Trying to get a good pic of us, but she wouldn't cooperate.

My Dad wih Minnie and my nephew Mickey!

Going to the Pumpkin patch!
Moo cow. :) Wild Bill.
This one Daddy!!
It's as big as she is!
Look how tall I am!!

I am starting to play with babydolls!
Giving her baby a kiss, then she covers her up and tells us to shhhh!

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