Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mother/Daughter Banquet

For the past 4 years the New Columbia God's Missionary Church where David's parents attend they have had a Mother/Daughter Banquet. This year with Mom not always feeling well, plus her and my family were planning my baby shower a few days later at her house, we were not going to go. But when we found out that we kind of "needed" to go, she had some coaxing and we went. This year they had it buffet style with lasagnas and salad.
They let us know for the first time they were going to name a Mother of the Year, and it was unanimously her. The Pastor's wife had got ahold of all of the kids to write her a letter and David was to read them all in front of everyone. So after we ate Sister Ellison went up and spoke about why they chose her and here came David. She was shocked that he was there. He went up and read all the letters to her. He was so nervous to do it, but he did really good! He only got choked up a couple of times. :) They gave her flowers also. Aunt MaryLou also went up and spoke a few words too. We videotaped it, but not sure how to get that transferred so everyone can watch it though. So, here are a few pictures from the banquet.
Table decor.
David reading the letters.
Aunt MaryLou speaking.
4 generation here. Dee, Mel, Deonna and Dorothy.
Mel and Deonna.Sheri Vinson. I just love her to pieces!!
Mom and I at the end.
Mother of the Year!!!!

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