Saturday, May 1, 2010


Went today and got all the flowers I need for the Summer. I was able to get alot of them while they are still little so they haven't reached their peak yet. Mom S. made a good point, with next weekend being Mother's Day weekend and how warm it's been, I'm afraid they will get picked over. So, even though it's a bit early to plant because of the frosts we still get, I will just keep them under the porch for awhile yet.
Last week David had taken off work on Friday and started planting the trees/shrubs. It's hard work! We won't be getting mulch until we get it all planted. We are headed to another auction for trees and shrubs this coming Friday night!! We are gonna get it done. Little, by little.
This will be a very busy week for us! I've been working CRAZY overtime!! And Monday I have an appt. with a OBGYN. It is my first time seeing him, and hopefully we will get on track to having a child. Tuesday morning my brother and his girlfriend are scheduled to have a C-section at 7:30am, so my niece Brooke will be here!! Thursday we are going to go preview the auction things, then Friday Auction! So between work, Dr's appt, Brooke's arrival, Auction pre-view, auction and planting we are very busy!!

Someone has alot of work to do!!!

Along the garage.

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